At Gyral Space, we develop and build psychology technology. The technology we develop at Gyral Space emerges from a deep understanding of contemporary psychology research and how it can be applied technologically.

Most conventional applications of technology to psychology are ineffective because they are based on bad statistics, disproven theories, and unfounded pop psychology.

Rather than viewing the human brain some form of mechanistic computer, we use artificial intelligence to reflect complex neural processes and the behaviours that emerge from them.

We use our unique blend of psychology and technology expertise to invent products that can be used to understand and influence with individual and collective human behaviours.


Conventional methods of understanding human behaviour usually concentrate on the 2% of human awareness that is conscious and find it challenging to engage with the other 98%. Many applications of psychology go even further than this and completely ignore the 98% of unconscious human awareness.

The 2% of conscious awareness is predominantly logical and rational, working in a simple cause and effect manner. The unconscious 98% of human awareness provides a much deeper understanding of human behaviour.

Engaging with this 98% of awareness requires a quite different perspective than the typical psychological approach. Human Psychology is based on a solid foundation of contemporary psychological research, including deep expertise in fields such as cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics and embodied cognition.


The challenge with applying technology to psychology is ensuring that it is as engaging and as accessible as possible without oversimplifying the complexities of human behaviour.

At Gyral Space, we focus on making our technology as easy-to-use as possible while retaining its fundamental power. We also like to make sure our technology looks as good as possible because it attracts user engagement and creates and enjoyable experience.

We have created and built our proprietary conversational AI architecture, designing it to be easily and infinitely scalable so that the same core architecture can provide the basis for a wide range of our Human Conversationers.