About Human Assessors

Our Assessors use the clinically approved assessment methods for identifying feelings associated with anxiety, depression and stress. The conventional methods of using these clinical assessments is to fill in a form in the course of an interview.

The Human Assessors use our Conversationers technology to complete the forms and score the results through a conversational chat with the user.

It is also possible to have a subsequent free-ranging conversation after the initial assessment conversation. This enables the Human Assessors to assess the user's feelings from a qualitative as well as a quantitative perspective.

Working With Assessors

Each Human Assessor follows the format provided by the formal questionnaire for whichever assessment is being used. The user simply engages in conversation with the specific Human Assessor, a process which typically takes a few minutes.

Whereas in a conventional assessment setting, a user may feel judged by the human Assessor, they usually feel that they can be more open and authentic with the Human Assessor.

This can be a common challenge in any form of face-to-face assessment as clients and patients often try to please the assessor rather than actually expressing how they really feel and how their experiences may have affected them.